Service like at 5* hotel, yacht freight and World stars concerts, all these are now available to residents of the premium class apartment complex “BOULEVARD OF FOUNTAINS” along with the Concierge Service.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year our teams of highly motivated specialists of the international service company from Austria working on the European service market for over 7 years of experience on the European market are at your service. All residents of the complex can enjoy the highest level service staying home.

You can order Individual tours, charters, hunting in Patagonia, fishing in Zambezi, driving a hydroplane over the lake of Como, surfing and golf, tickets to the Vienna Dancing Party or invitations to the Oscar Ceremony, goods from various supermarkets or delicious dishes from the leading chiefs and the best restaurants in Kiev, it’s just a small list of the services provided to residents of the “BOULEVARD OF FOUNTAINS” estate by our Concierge Service teams.

To benefit from the services you as an resident need only to receive a Client card at the sales office of “BOULEVARD OF FOUNTAINS” or at the office of the service company “Novoservice”.

Svetlana Kasamara, sales manager of “BOULEVARD OF FOUNTAINS”:

“BOULEVARD OF FOUNTAINS” is the first residential estate  able to reinstate the image of Kiev as the greenest capital city with fountains in the World. Our residents inmates know that we offer only the best service combining the European life style and the highest level of services. Therefore our residents can leave their problems behind and spend their valuable time to enjoy life as our Concierge Service will do their best to bring your dreams to life.

We have to say all services for the residents of “BOULEVARD OF FOUNTAINS” for the Platinum package are provided free of charge, and the number of requests to the Concierge Service is unlimited.

To enjoy the services our residents can contact the Concierge service by phone, e-mail or Viber.
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