Residential complex Boulevard of Fountains: Modern technologies and quality

Elite real estate in Kiev – penthouses, multi-level flats, apartments with terraces are one of the main facilities in the real estate market of the capital. The building of elite residential complexes requires special attention to the technologies and outfitting, as the fundamental principles of modern complexes are quality, concern for the health and safety of residents.


Boulevard of Fountains is built exclusively with the use of the latest technologies and eco-friendly materials. The foundation of cast-frame houses of the entire residential complex is a field of CFA piles and reinforced concrete raft foundation. The exterior and interior walls of the buildings are constructed of brick, with non-combustible mineral wool insulation, facades are lined with ceramic granite, aluminum composite panels are used.


Apartments in Residential complex Boulevard of Fountains are equipped with modern ventilation systems (with the use of natural noise-reducing devices), water supply system (racks and pipelines of glass-lined steel pipes) and heating system. So, every apartment or penthouse is equipped with the newest heaters – steel radiators and thermostatic control valves.


The use of modern technologies and equipment in the Residential complex Boulevard of Fountains in Kiev makes this place the most convenient, profitable and safe for living. Make your choice in favor of living in the best residential complex – contact the sales department at 3, Saperne pole str., and get ready to buy an apartment in Pechersk.
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