Residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains» – is the place of happiness

Good morning starts on the Pechersk… With a cup of aromatic morning coffee in a cozy apartment in the center of the capital, residents of the complex «Boulevard of Fountains» plan their day. They are waiting for business or friendly meetings, romantic dinners, visits to the cinema with their children, birthday celebrations and many more things. Taking into account the active day of residents, a developed network of partner infrastructure facilities has been created on the territory of the respectable residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains». Thus, each resident can receive high-quality services and make his day special and festive without leaving the territory of the complex.

The perfect look is the key to success, and the masters of beauty salons Forma beauty space and Beauty Park Studio are inspired, creative people who highlight your beauty and light the joy in your eyes. After visiting Forma beauty space and Beauty Park Studio you will be the center of attention at the official reception or the brightest star of the party.

No matter how beautiful we have been created by nature, all of us sometimes need a «reset». The specialists of Cosmetology clinic by Irina Kravchuk take care of the harmony of beauty and health of the body. The Clinic is located in the heart of Pechersk, on the territory of the residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains». A professional team with many years of experience ensures that every day begins with your perfect reflection in the mirror.

Thanks to the partnership with the brand’s clothing store Marque Space, the residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains» has defeated the eternal problem of all beautiful women – «nothing to wear». Exclusive clothes, presented in Marque Space, emphasize women’s sophistication, individuality, give residents of «Boulevard of Fountains» full confidence.

Thanks to all these well thought infrastructure solutions, the company City One Development is famous not only for the construction of premium real estate in Kiev, but also associated with a developer, who thinks about the comfort and coziness of future residents of ultra-modern complexes. When you live in a beautiful place – in the residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains», every day is special.

Is there a residence address for happiness? Yes, this is a premium-class residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains». Contact the sales department, buy the apartment of your dreams and enjoy high-quality service infrastructure facilities.
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