Residential complex Boulevard of Fountains: innovative approach in the format City Resort

Modern style of life, constant technological progress and the desire of residents of the metropolis to maximize comfort and mobility become the basis for creating an innovative concept of life – City Resort, successfully implemented in the premium class residential complex Boulevard of Fountains in Kiev.


What does living in City Resort mean?

The City Resort model of life means a harmonious combination of the pace of a megapolis, where people with a certain status and needs live in the epicenter of events, beauty, comfort and safety, including not just a desire to buy an apartment in Kiev, but to get maximum benefits. Such advantages are available to residents of the Boulevard of Fountains residential complex: life in the business and cultural capital with a sense of country calm and privacy; apartment in a residential complex, equipped with ultra-modern parking, which guarantees the lack of transport in the territory.


“Boulevard of Fountains» is a unique residential complex with many aspects that are not present or that are just beginning to be implemented in other residential complexes of Kiev. This is the only light-music alley of fountains in the capital, numerous green lounge areas, a well-thought infrastructure and the concept “a territory without cars”.


In addition, a distinctive feature of the residential complex Boulevard of Fountains is also that the developer City One Development collaborates with world leaders in science and education. Such partnership ensures the introduction of innovative technologies in the real estate sector, support for scientific research and initiatives in the field of urban planning, demography and environmental design.


Do you want to buy apartments in the residential complex, which is favorably distinguished by its unique concept of City Resort and the application of innovative technologies in construction? Then you need the Residential complex Boulevard of Fountains – the perfect place to live in the capital. Contact the sales department (Saperne Pole, 3) and don’t miss the chance to buy apartments in Kiev at the Boulevard of Fountains residential complex.
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