Parking on the territory of residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains» – is the place of convenience and safety

An apartment in the center of Kiev is an important part of the active life of successful residents of the capital, who choose real estate in the city center in order to stay on top of dynamic urban pace, to be in the center of current events and news. Specially for such ambitious and demanding people modern three-level underground parking has been built on the territory of residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains» in the center of the capital.

The residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains» has a number of advantages to be proud of, one of which is underground parking. Reasonable optimization of space has allowed to preserve the harmony and cosiness of green lounge zones that are created to give joy and inspiration to the inhabitants of «Boulevard of Fountains». A huge three-level underground parking is divided into separated zones, where the cars of residents and guests of the premium residential complex can be placed. There is also a separate area for parking taxi cars.

The benefits of underground parking are obvious and indisputable – it’s convenience, safety, comfort of the owner and his car in all weather conditions. Оn the parking you can feel, that the noisy of city remains somewhere far away, and very soon you will be in your home – in your own territory of comfort. If you are a fan of the crazy rhythms of life, then it is in the parking area you begin to fill energy of the loud capital. The residents of «Boulevard of Fountains», who have several cars, do not look for an additional parking space (parking or garage), because the number of places in underground parking exceeds the number of apartments (1016 parking places on 811 flats).

The main concept of company City One Development is to keep up to date with the latest trends in space planning, so that residents of “Boulevard of Fountains” feel care and competently realization of their needs and preferences. Contact the sales department and become the owner of the ideal living space in the premium class residential complex «Boulevard of Fountains».
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