Official opening of the summer season 2018

Our 150-meters long alley of fountains just started the summer season!

June 1, 2018. The Boulevard of Fountains residency estate celebrated a new season by launching a 150-meter long alley of fountains.

The traditional calm neighborhood was interfered with live music and festive air for several hours. It was the greatest fountain launch event ever, creative, triumphal, outstanding. Residents and their guests enjoyed tasty treats and nice gifts from our partners who did their best to entertain everyone despite of age or status.

The Mriya children’s correctional club, the LeapKids happiness academy and the manufacturer of children’s furniture Moll arranged a play zone for for kids. All attendees with kids could get a free 3 month subscription to visit the GYMMAXX fitness center. Showrooms of the Freedom company  and Victoria Witkowska’s design studio opened their doors to everyone who visited the event. Great prizes giveaway was the culmination of the event:


  • Micheletto silver necklace and 15,000 hryvnas gift certificate from the Jewelry Concept Store

  • Two fragrances from the Illuminum limited collection from the NICHE boutique network

  • 500€ gift certificate from the Bottega boutique

  • 500$ gift certificate from the Beauty Park Studio
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