A unique cascade of fountains – is a real adornment of the Residential complex Boulevard of Fountains

Safety, comfort and beauty around are the main principles of the premium-class complex Boulevard of Fountains in Pechersk. Incredible beauty on the territory of the complex is the unique 150-meter alley of light-musical fountains. This unique cascade of fountains decorates the Residential complex, creates a special atmosphere and fascinates the residents and guests of the complex.


The company City One Development took into account the features of the relief before starting to engineer the residential complex. The difference in the heights of the relief and the desire to create a real oasis of rest in the central part of the city formed the basis for the idea of ​​creating a large fountain cascades, which has no analogues in any residential complex in Kyiv.


A 150-meter alley of light-music fountains is a large walking area and a modern promenade, that became the favorite place for residents of the Boulevard of Fountains and all guests. The alley of musical fountains is a project created especially for the complex. The moderation of the music and light show is carried out using a computer program that allows fountains to work automatically and individually selected for each melody. The jets of water work in the rhythm of the given music, creating a unique tandem of water, music and light.


Do you want to admire the incredible fountains from the windows of your apartment every evening, enjoy a light-music show in your own yard? Then contact the sales department at Saperne pole, 3 and have time to buy an apartment in the residential complex Boulevard of Fountains.
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